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Platter Boards

Our Grazing Platters are made up of quality imported & locally sourced produce including cheese, crackers, cold meats, stuffed bell peppers, mixed olives, dips, quince paste, dried & fresh fruit, chocolate pretzels/bar all beautifully styled on a wooden platter board.
These platters are prepared on site and delivered to your door.
Prices include delivery & pickup of the wooden boards within our delivery zone (please refer to the Delivery tab).
$225.00 for up to 10 guests.
$275.00 for up to 15 guests.
*Please note that the crackers come on the side, not pictured*
Our Grazing can be customised to work with dietary requirements such as Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Nut Free, kid-friendly, cheese preferences.
Please email to enquire for other options.
Feel free to contact us via email for any Grazing enquiries.